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dynamically rename the column headers with current date


Hi Team,


dynamic renaming.PNG


I have above dataset after doing a pivot in Alteryx.I need to dynamically rename the column headers.

For eg:- We are in Q4 2017 currently hence I need 20174 COGS to be renamed as CQ COGS and 20173COGS as CQ-1 COGS.

Likewise When I reach 2018 Jan ,we will have a new column 20181 COGS and at that point of time it needs to be renamed as CQ COGS and 20174 COGS as CQ-1 COGS.
How can we achieve the same in alteryx?.



Alteryx Certified Partner

The attached workflow should work.  You would just need to replace the text input with your current workflow.  Let me know if you have any questions!