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dynamic sumifs column as in Excel or gsheet

8 - Asteroid

Hi Community. 

I would like to know if in Alteryx it is possible to achieve a dynamic sumifs column as in Excel or gsheets. 

Please see for my example in the attached file. 

In each row of the "Timeframe Available" column I would like to get 1 or 0 depending on the value in the "Num of Days" column. the formula in "Num of Days", however,

considers dynamically only the remaining rows, not the whole table.


Many thanks!

9 - Comet

This article should help get you started. 

8 - Asteroid

Hi Asteroid,
the article is indeed helpful but unfortunatelly it does not solve my Question. If you click in the Formula in the H2 cell of the attached Excel file you will see that in the row 2 the Formula considers rows 2-32, in the row 3 Formula considers 3-33, in the 4th row  4-34 rows, and so on....each next 30 rows.
In short the sumifs, countifs, usually consider static table and my Formula "moves" downwards and considers "new table" in each new row. In the example provided you group by the Name  of the player, which repeats in your static table, the same way counting works in databese. But my case is different, becuase I do not have Value (date in my case) that repeats in the "start_date" column, but ratcher considers the values of certain column in the following 30 rows.  

I would be happy on update to my Question.