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download file from intranet?




Currently I have to take the following steps in order to download the data:


step 1. go to the http address

step 2. hit download button

step 3. save the file to local share drive

step 4. input the file to Alteryx


Is there a way to connect this process directly to the input tool? Thanks.




Hi @BosKev 


Yes, this is possible to do using the Download Tool!


The links below will give you some guidance on how to configure this for you. As long as you have the url you would like to access and the correct credentials to access this, you will be able to do it via the Download Tool.


That data will then be inputted straight into Alteryx - depending on the format of the file you download, you will then need to carry out your data cleansing, prep etc as you would do normally. - Youtube introductory video - Download Tool help doc


Let me know if you have any questions.




Associate Consultant, Raymond Chan, demonstrate how the Alteryx Download tool can be used to obtain data from a html or online hosted file. For more information, please contact us via the following details: T: 1300 737 141 E: Twitter: @TridantAus LinkedIn: Tridant Pty

Hi @wdavis ,


I used the download tool before, but I'm not sure how to configure the tool for this specific instance.


step 1 go to the internal site:





Step 2


select report from above



Step 3 


Select download file




How do I string all this in the download tool?


I tried a simple text input of the address then download tool then select but I do see any data coming through.








Hi @BosKev 


The download tool at the moment if you just have your URL entered is going to display everything it would if you were to just manually go to that site. This should then populate in your DownloadData Field, at which point we can filter out the data so that it will just look for the specific filename you are after. However it looks as if this field is currently empty.


In your Download Headers it looks as if there is an error showing within that field which should give us more information on why the DownloadData Field is empty. Could you show me what the message looks like in your DownloadHeaders?