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data source for Qlik Sense

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Hi All,

Do you know if it is possible to publish data to from Alteryx  to a Qlik Sense server.
Something very similiar to tool 'Publish to Tableau Server' but dedicated for Qlik.
Normally I've tried to create extract for Qlik but the size limit is only 50 MB. So I'm looking for new methods to create such file and avoid the size problem.

I'd appreciate your support.


@Neffri you can leverage the QlikSense Macro which should help you. You can either access it by installing the Qlik Starter Kit:

or via our Gallery:!app/Qlik-Starter-Kit/5dd596c10462d71370371013

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Can you please tell me more about Qlik Sense Visualization Macro?
I'm not sure if in my company I can install 
Qlik Starter Kit...

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I do not use Qlik, but we do use Tableau.   We find that sometimes it is easier to create the data needed and just set up the import to pull SELECT * from the newly created/updated data or from a txt/csv file.   If the macro works, that would be easier, but the other way is usually a home run as the import tool isn't thinking and querying data as much as just ingesting a pre-made source.