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crew runner macro reference workflow on gallery


I built a data check workflow that will trigger another workflow (let's say workflow A) using crew macro and upon success, it will notify me through email. I reference workflow A using crew macro but when I run the data check workflow on gallery, I didn't receive any email notifying me that workflow A is complete. I think I am not referencing workflow A correctly because I test both workflow locally and it works. Just wondering how can I reference the workflow that I saved on the gallery?


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @betty_liao


I'm not sure you can reference a workflow on a gallery using the Crew Macro Runner tools as I'm pretty sure the field needs to be a Alteryx Module File saved locally.


So I think you'd need to save the workflows directly on the server and then run them from there. This would also be a good test to investigate any errors you're having. A couple of common issues when publishing to server gallery that you might want to investigate are:

  • Use full UNC paths for input and outputs: You can do this in Options -> Advanced -> Manage Workflow Decencies
  • Make sure the server service account has the relevant permissions to the locations that you are trying to read from and write too
  • Make sure your servers SMTP settings are correct for it to be able to send out emails - If you've received gallery emails from your server in the past this should already be fine
  • When publishing workflows with macros, the server needs to have this installed and usually in the same location OR you can pubish the workflow as a package with the macros included by going into Workflow Options -> 'Manage Workflow Assets' whilst publishing.

Hopefully something above helps!