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create a TOTAL row?

8 - Asteroid

i have rows of data like this:


 Segment_name| Industry percent

CAR                   | 34.2

TRUCK              | 18.8

UTILITY             | 47


and i need to create a row called TOTAL, looking like:


TOTAL                | 100


if i do a sum/summarize on the field "Industry Percent", it creates a field of TOTAL, not a row.  how can I do this?




becki kain


15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hey @becki. Try adding the attached macro to your workflow by downloading it and then right clicking on the canvas and selecting Insert-> Macro...

In the configuration, you can select 'Add Total Row Only' if you don't want a column total as well. You can also choose a label. The default is 'Total'. Hope this helps!

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey becki,


This is possible, you can try the workflow attached.


Though I appreciate your example may be a bit more complex than outlined with this dummy data please let me know if this does not work.


We start by summerizing as you mentioned, which as you said creates a new column. We can then union the data back in to make it a row.


I've also built a second example in the same workflow with subtotals for two categories.



8 - Asteroid

WOW!  such a simple answer and i feel dopey 🙂  so "formula" let's you slap on another column?  i need to study more!  thanks!!!!

8 - Asteroid

wow!  i need to study the macros CHAOS creates to learn!  thanks!


5 - Atom

Hi- I tried this feature but I am receiving the error " Join (97): Record Info: CreateRecord: A record was created with no fields. Tool #147: RecordInfo::CreateRecord: A record was created with no fields"


Can you help?

8 - Asteroid

I am using the crew macro but keep getting this error:
No field selected for row total? Can you please help

6 - Meteoroid



I started using "Add totals" crew Macro but I'm having problem with few columnns.



As you can see, Column "Difference" is ok, but Overtime 2021 and Overtime 2020 total is done in separate columns. Both of those fields are numeric and I'm not really sure what is the problem.

My "Add totals" configuration below



Thank you in advance