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convert date to number - only the year

5 - Atom

Hi all,

I have an issue: I have a  double which corresponds to a year (e.g. 2013), I would like to convert it to a date format but still keeping only the year and without adding month and day.

I tried converting it to string and then using DateTime but it automatically generates 2013-01-01, instead I would still like to have only "2013" to use DateTimeDiff with another date. I tried using DateTimeFormat but its output is a string, so again I cannot use DateTimeDiff with it.
Does anybody have any idea?

Thank you for your help!



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @OttaviaBertolli, in all database type systems, and within Alteryx, a field of date type must contain both the year, month and day.


If you wish to use the datetimediff() functionality then convert both your dates into the YYYY-MM-DD format.



18 - Pollux
18 - Pollux

Hi @OttaviaBertolli


What do want to subtract from your "year" value?  Without the month and day info, the only thing you can reliably subtract is another year.  In this case you just treat the years as numbers and do normal math. If you want to subtract another date, you have to standardize on which date in your year you will be using as the "start date" If you are trying to model a fiscal year that end on March 31, for instance, you can use a formula tool with tostring([YEAR],0) + "-03-31"