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convert complex Sql query to alteryx workflow

Hi Experts,

I have been given a very complex Sql query that i have been asked to build a alteryx workflow to make it simpler to understand, however the query is about 120 lines and has many joints and unions, i was wondering if there is any tool out there that can build this or help me convert it to some stage.

the idea is to simplify the query and not to use it as a full sql query at extraction layer. please help me if you know a best way to start or achieve this. thanks in advance
Alteryx Partner

I've never seen a tool to do this, but I've done it a few times in the past.


Even with a truckload of SQL code, sometimes the process is dead simple, sometimes it can take hours to do.


You can do it though (assuming you know SQL) and it's quite interesting to see how the workflow performs when compared to the original code.

Thanks for responding, sql is not problem as Im coming from Sql background. the issue is timing, the transition from old systems and queries to alteryx means i have so many old left over complex queries that i would need to create workflow for and i was just wondering if there is faster way to achieve this.
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @esabzikari 


This article might help you out in your task.


Also, check this live training:


Although Alteryx simplifies a lot of stuff, this is something I had to do in the past and requires patience.


Alteryx Partner

You could just paste the SQL into an input tool, at least it will be running in Alteryx and then you can do the full conversion later on (it also makes a good test harness to compare to your new workflow as well)