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connection to BMC Smart IT

8 - Asteroid

(I know I posted something like this before but I wanted to be clearer)


Has anyone connected Alteryx to a trouble ticketing system, like BMC Smart IT?  we're using Splunk for looking at server logs currently and on certain triggers, open a ticket.  Is there anyone doing this?  thanks


becki kain


14 - Magnetar

Hi @becki 


I have used Alteryx to connect to the ServiceNow REST API and found it to be a very simple process. I'm sure you will be able to achieve the same with other ticketing systems such as your BMC solution. I had a quick look and they appear to offer a REST API. See for more information.

8 - Asteroid

thank you.  i will look at the bmc docs


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Becki - Did you get this all figured out? Below are some good resources on connecting and testing out the REST API with Remedy, but it depends on what version of Remedy you have as REST was mainly introduced in Remedy 9 if I remember right.  Otherwise, you could also connect to the database tables if you have access, but then the field values in results aren't user friendly and may require transformation.