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choose next option when value = 0

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Hi all, 


in the attached workflow you'll find G:\Magazijn\daniel\alteryx training\lijst daniel 16-01-2019.xlsx containing 55 Shipment ID's in these 55 shipments i sometimes have the same Item number - color -size combination - Work quantity combinations. in G:\Magazijn\daniel\alteryx training\Book11.xlsx I have a overview of all the LP's that contains a part of the Item number - color -size combination - Work quantity combinations. is there a way to calculate which LP should be in which shipment? 


hope someone can help me with this! 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I'm sure there's a way to make that happen, but we'll need some data to test. When you attached the workflow, it doesn't include the files you referenced. To include those, go to Options>Export Workflow, which will zip up the workflow and the selected input files for sharing. 

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Hi Charlie, 


thank you for the tip! this time i attached the correct work flow!

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Is this what you're looking for? I used a concat in both data files with Item, Size and Color and used a Find-Replace tool to append the LP.

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Hi Hydro, 


i tried to open the file but received a error message. could you please share it as .yxmd?

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Sure. See attached. Not sure if this is what you were asking for, if not, feel free to let me know. 

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Thanks but this isn't exactly what i'm searching for:



itemcolorsizeTotalLPShipmentQTY LPQTY Shipment
13428859XL BW1-000007605 1 
13428859XL BW1-000007621 1 
13428859XL BW1-000007632 1 
13428859XL BW1-000007646 1 
13428859XL BW1-000007651 1 
13428859XL BW1-000010533 1 
13428859XL BW1-000010547 1 
13428859XL BW1-000016083 1 
13428859XL BW1-000018796 1 
13428859XL  S-00895916 2
13428859XL  S-00895917 7
13428859XLTotal  99


if you check QTY shipment S-00895916 needs 2 QTY & S-00895917 needs 7 QTY. in total i have 9 pieces divided in 9 LP's is it possible to generate this output:


itemcolorsizeTotalLPShipmentQTY LPQTY Shipment
13428859XL BW1-000007605S-008959161 
13428859XL BW1-000007621S-008959161 
13428859XL BW1-000007632S-008959171 
13428859XL BW1-000007646S-008959171 
13428859XL BW1-000007651S-008959171 
13428859XL BW1-000010533S-008959171 
13428859XL BW1-000010547S-008959171 
13428859XL BW1-000016083S-008959171 
13428859XL BW1-000018796S-008959171 


i've attached the most recent files. hope you can help me!