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changing input data


hi @Inactive User


The Unknown box in the configuration window of the Select tool controls the selection of any new fields that are added after the workflow is designed.




Check it to have new fields automatically selected and leave it blank to ignore new fields


Also:  Don't just select tags at random for your questions.  It makes it harder for future lookups based on those tags.  For instance queries about sharepoint will return this post, even though it has nothing to do with Sharepoint





, @arshdeepKapoor


I am a newbie. Is there a way to parse files dynamically..To elaborate data in files changes its position i.e. Header information in one file can start from row 1 and go till row 10, in 2nd file header information start from row 1 and go till row 6. 

Header information include : file name, company name, period etc. 


Detail information follows header info. Please note detail level data has same column names. 


So, I am wondering how can we read these files dynamically in same workflow?




hi @Vik1


Please post your question in the main forum where more people will see it.  Also include any sample data that you can