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chained workflows used concurrently by multiple users in gallery

7 - Meteor


I explain what I want to do
multiples users should be able to use the app from the gallery at the same time
user selects parameter values on the first analytic app
it generates a file containing values depending on the selections made
then the 2nd app uses this file to produce data

the problem is :
these apps should be used concurrently by multiples users, so the values may be different by user
I tried to use relative file notation but I have error messages "unable to create file"
I'm able to create files depending on the user running the app using __cloud:UserId
but I don't know how to reuse it in the 2nd app, because the interface is evaluated before the rest
any idea ?


Hey @olivierMPW  not sure if this is the easiest path but you could try incorporating the same file path with the __cloud:UserId in workflow #1 into workflow #2 using a dynamic input?


So workflow #2 might have a text input with a part of the path and then into a formula tool to add the "__cloud:UserId" part to the path and then into a dynamic input.


Then... now that you read that file in, you can cross tab the data to make your dropdown values the new field names. By connecting the cross tab tool to the dropdown at the top: 


Then just have the action tool update the filter which you have configured in a separate workstream the same way you have configured today. 


Let me know if you have any questions or if this helps!





7 - Meteor


thanks for this answer

I havre tried it, but the problem is that cross tab replaces all specials characters (including spaces) par underscire so the values don't mean anything when displayed


if the value is COMPANY NAME, it is transformed into COMPANY_NAME

7 - Meteor

ok, now the previous problem is solved using a dynamic rename (thanks to alteryx vsc).

but there's another problem now :

the file is correctly generated with the right values in calling app

BUT it is not this one which is used in the called app, and I don't know which file is used and where I can find it