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best practice for using %temp% files


Hi, I am trying to figure out how to use temp files so that I can run a slow data parse then use the output as a input for next run - essentially caching my results for each run as I debug.


Specifically, I have a large yxdb I filter down to a date range and I don't really want to save to disk as a "deleteMeLater.yxdb" - but %temp%filtered.yxdb that will delete itself.


I put %temp% in output and it writes out but then deletes it so I cannot use as input.


I am really looking for some best practices on how to use temp files as well as what i am doing wrong with current example.









Hi Anthony,


Have you seen the Cache Macro from one of our Content Engineers @MacRo - check out the blog post here:


Nice - that is exactly what I was wanting to accomplish.  I wish the containter tool had a lasso tool for select tools/add to container.  Also would be nice to have the disable button on the container itself so you do not have to go to properties to update.


I would still like to know some tips and tricks for how poeple are using %temp%