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batch macro/control parameter error


i've been tasked with i think the impossible.  i'm supposed to migrate a workflow with a batch macro (with 3 inputs).  the workflow has an input of an excel file with a username and password, which i do not have access to read.  If i try to run the workflow, i get a "need control parameter" error, at the entry point for the macro.  If i package the macro and workflow, put it back on the alteryx server and it's run by a proxy id which does have the access to read that username/password file, will that work?




becki kain


Hello @becki 

Is it possible for you to send some additional information along?
If you could please send screenshots of the error message, and if possible, a copy of the workflow.


Also, where you see the tool that has an error, have you checked to see if there is an option within the configuration dropdown that you can select a category from? Usually thats what can cause the "need control parameter" error.




Community Moderator