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a tricky specification of type conversion; double to string


Hi, I’ve found a tricky specification of alteryx. So I want to share the one.

If you want to use numeric type data in EXCEL and convert the type to string in alteryx, please check this.



 1.Input 15 digits numeric data from EXCEL file.

  ->alteryx accepts it as a “double type field by default.

 2.Convert the field to “V_WString

  ->alteryx converts “double to 19 digits fields of V_WString

  ->15 digits data includes of 20 digits strings; 15 digits numeric data + 1 digits of decimal point + 4 digits of exponential notation.

  ->the 20th digit , actually the digit describes exponential notation, is removed. It means the figure digit changed.


For example,

 In the case you convert 0.0985158762449602 to V_WString,

  V_WStirng(20digits) holds “9.85158762449602e-02

  On the other hand,

  V_WStirng(19digits) holds “9.85158762449602e-0

The figure is changed 100 times as the original one.


It’s better to set digits 20, not just using the default conversion.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



I'm a little bit confused by your post.  When you convert to V_WString (could be V_String), why are you choosing 19/20 for the length instead of 1073741823?  If you want more control of the conversion, use a FORMULA tool to convert to string.





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Hi MarqueeCrew,


actually, it's not me who set the 19 digits to the converted string. alteryx tool itself set 19 digits for converted V_WString from Double.

That's why i wrote "a tricky specification".


It's reasonable for alteryx tool to set the logically shortened digits to a field for performance improvement, but this case it's really tricky and misleading. 


Does it make sense?