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ZASFA94.tmp temporary files generated whenerver Excel output file saved using Alteryx Gal

8 - Asteroid

HI All,


I need your help, whenever I generate any excel file through Alteryx gallery and save the excel file on share drive every time it is created the .tmp file with excel (.xlsx) output.

So if I generate "n" number of excel file the same number of temporary files generated in share drive which is very weird.

How can I avoid the creation of .tmp file?


Please note I used the output tool to save the excel file in share drive



Thank you

12 - Quasar

Dear @alt_tush,


Have you tried to use a cmd command in the same workflow in order to delete all .tmp files in the directory.

Below the link on how to use cmd to delete with Alteryx


Hope that helps,


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Thank you for your suggestion. But I don't want to create any additional technique to delete such temporary files.
My concern is why such temp files are remain in path after saving the output file.
Because mostly this should not happen when we save any files using Alteryx.
So what is the reason behind creating temporary files.

Thanks again 🙂