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XML dowload

Alteryx Certified Partner



I have a question to download and parse this information in XML.


I am using the download tool but it gives me error in the download.



Thanks for your help!!

Alteryx Certified Partner

if you look at the data in the DownloadData cell you will see that there was no error and data came through.  teh reason it is red, is that there are a large number of records which are considered "NOT OK" in terms of data quality.  it is because many records have leading or trailing spaces.

If you put a text to columns tool after this and parse to rows by using \n (new line) as the delimiter, you will see that all of your data is there.  I'm not an XML pro so I would have to work on this further to parse out the xml more expertly :-)



Alteryx Certified Partner





I'm following the steps you told me but I don't have the same results. Can you help me please? (I'm new with alteryx)

Alteryx Certified Partner

You have selected split to columns (notice the additional 3 columns).  You need to select split to rows.

see attached workflow

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks for your help!!!! :D I'm going to try to parse this file.