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XML Parse error: The input ended before all started tags were ended.




I've been getting this error message in XML parse tool.

The input ended before all started tags were ended.  Last tag started was 'Affiliation' at Line: 43 and Column: 151 at row # 79


The error position on the XML parse tool changes when I run the workflow multiple times.  I added a block until done tool before the XML parse tool, but error appears randomly.


I searched the error message online, and there was this link.  But I'm not sure how to fix this issue on Alteryx.


Has anyone experienced the same issue using XML parse tool?



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @knozawa 


Could you please share your workflow with us? This looks like a specific case from a XML structure, we'd need to check further details.




Hi@Thableaus ,


I've attached the sample workflow with only one record without API key.  The input is the E-utility URL from pubmed API.


I realized that running the workflow with API key, I received the error message randomly.  It seems like the Download Data from download tool is corrupted.

XML parse error.png


If you run the workflow with API key multiple times, you will probably get the error message.  The API is free and you can create API key from here.  This link is the general guidance of Pubmed API.


Through the firefox browser, the XML was correctly formatted with api key.  Therefore, I think the issue happens at the download tool in Alteryx instead of pubmed API itself.


Thank you for your help in advance.







This unstructured XML output from download tool happened without API key as well.  Alteryx support also admitted it's a download tool defect, but I've been thinking about how to work around the issue. But it's not really successful.


Method 1: Add a filter tool that contains the unstructured words and iterate the workflow until there is no unstructured xml output

Method 1.png

This method temporary solves, but the unstructured xml output from download tool happens randomly. Therefore, whenever we received the error, we have to add new unstructured key into the filter tool which is a time consuming process.


Method 2: Insert a XML tool within the iterative macro and iterate when the record numbers don't match before and after the XML tool

Method 2 - ignore xml errors and continue.png

This method doesn't work because the XML tool gives me an error message and stop running the workflow. When I select "Ignore XML Errors and Continue", it doesn't solve the issue because the unstructured XML is not iterated and the data is not parsed through the xml parse tool.


I've attached the workflow that contains both method.  Usually when you run the workflow for 5 - 10 times, you will get an error message.


I'd be appreciated if there is any suggestions.