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XLSB Input Row Limit - Alteryx not reading all rows


I've just recently upgraded to 2018.4 and I am connecting to an xlsb file with 600k rows of data. When running the workflow, only 280k of rows are being read in. 


I've tried moving the data from one xlsb to a new xlsb to ensure no named ranges were interfering. No change..  


I also tested a separate file that contains a few additional columns, and Alteryx only read in 196k records. So it appears to be a combination of # of rows (+) # of columns that's limiting what is being read into the workflow


I was able to get Alteryx read an xlsb with 1 mill rows of data.. It contained only 1 field with a simple row()-1 formula. And it successfully read all the data. So i can tell it's capable of going up to the XLSB row limit, but something is causing it to cap out. 


Any help is greatly appreciated. 


Hi @wottel


The list of Supported Data Sources has the 2010 Access driver listed as a requirement for reading and writing .xlsb files, see Supported Data Sources. The driver can be downloaded at: Access driver.