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Writing to an Open Excel File

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I'm using Alteryx as a reporting tool to write to excel files on a shared drive. The problem is that multiple files could be open when the workflow is scheduled to run and it isn't possible to write to open excel files. I've read the prior posts on the matter that recommended either making the files Read-Only or saving them as Excel Legacy. When I've tested both of these options, Alteryx still isn't able to write to the file. When saving to an open Legacy file, I get the error message "You have found a bug. Replicate, then let us know. We shall fix it soon." When it's saved as Read-Only, I get the error "Cannot modify the design of Sheet 1. It is read only." Am I missing something? 


Thanks for the help!

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I think you need another strategy.  Excel is performing how it was designed to - single writer at a time.  It's really only a spreadsheet, not a database.


When I need to do stuff like this (rarely) there's 2 options:


1) update the files in the middle of the night (and hope that no one has them open overnight)

2) insert the date in the filename, so that every day there's a new file and the filename has the date in it.