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Writing to a Specific Cell in Excel Based on Conditions



I am trying to figure out how to write to a specific excel cell based on conditions. My input data is a SQL query. 


For example, using the following table:


CountryRegionGenderMedian Income
United StatesWAF23,000
United StatesWAM31
United StatesORF65


Based on the conditions that Country = United States and the Region = WA and the Gender = F I would like to put median income in excel sheet cell A1- how would I do this?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @courtrhale


I assume you know how to set up your condition, but to reference specific cells you want to write a record in your output, you can use the following notation as an example:




Here is also a Workflow example attached.




@Thableaus, you learn something new every day... Never knew that was possible!

That's a great example- but seems to show just one record to write. How might you do this in a situation where there is 5 records, or 20?