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Writing to Multiple Excel Tabs


Hello All, 


I'm attempting to build a flow that needs to export to three Excel files and output six tabs to each file.  I have attached my flow for reference (if you look all the way to the right of the flow you will see what i'm trying to output).


The separate files will be based on the Region/Country field and the separate tabs would be based on the different outputs.   


I have three of the outputs (Tabs) ready and I will be building three more. The next three will come from a totally different data set, but I need to include them into the same workflow. Any insight into how I could accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. After review, I don't think block until done or parallel block until done would work in this case. 


In your formulas for your "File Path", try adding the tab name as well after 3 pipes |||.


Example: "C:\Sample File Path\" + [Amgen Region/Country - World Region] + ".xlsx|||" + [whatever you want your tab name to be for that branch of data]


Then, in the Output tool for each branch, check the box to "Take File/Table Name From Field" and choose the drop down for "Replace entire file path". As long you have your full file path for where you want the file to be saved, and the appropriate Amgen Region for the file name with the tab name identified in that field after the 3 pipe delimiters |||, you should get your outputs for the various tabs to populate within each workbook.


You will likely need to add a Parallel Block Until Done tool between your outputs - if you're outputting to multiple tabs from the same output tool, this isn't necessary, but I find that it's usually required if you are outputting to the same output file with separate output tools.


Does that answer your question?




Would I structure the parallel block until done per the attached?   


Yes, that looks like it should work!


Thank you very much!