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Write to multiple tabs separately without errors


Hi Everyone,


I was hoping to get some help writing to multiple tabs in one Excel file without the outputs causing each other to error. I saw this post:

How to write to multiple tabs separately without errors



My issue is similar to asteryx. Using Block Until Done wont work because these flows are independent of each other. They just all output to the same workbook. I am unable to share the workbook I am using by this is a very dumbed down version of what is happening (see image below).



Alteryx Example.png



There is way that I can think of to add Block Until Done in this situation. I also saw some I have seen some people talking about the need for a Wait tool but I know that is not currently available. I saw another workaround which is to add the workflows to containers and disable some, run it, and etc. Is there any other options that someone can think of to allow this Workflow to work?

Alteryx Certified Partner

I use Parallel Block Until Done (from the CReW Macro Pack) to accomplish this.