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Write output to existing Excel tab



I am trying to output data to a specific tab in an existing Excel file. I am unable to figure out how to write to a particular tab. Is this possible?

Also - is it possible to output to a file that already has Excel formulas written into it, and maintain the formulas?




@grsomer Within the output data tool, click on the dropdown and save as the proper file type. If you choose excel, you should be promoted to enter the sheet. Within the tool configuration, you can choose to overwrite the sheet.


2) No you will lose the formulas. What I've seen customers do is write to a different sheet using Alteryx. The formulas in another sheet will reference the written sheet and update accordingly. 


Hi @DiganP  Thank you for your help! The problem I run into is that when I am prompted to chose a sheet I enter the sheet name and a new sheet is created and appended to my workbook under the same name. This happens even when I select the option to overwrite the sheet. 

Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

Hello @grsomer ,


There has to be some difference between them. Check the spelling (sheet names are case sensitive) and also look up for leading and trailing white spaces.


Another way to see it would be to input the file and select the option to see all sheet names to check the difference in the spelling.




@afv2688 @DiganP Thank you both for your help! It is working perfectly now!


I have one issue here. When I update the the template (i.e., update a "raw data" tab, which is linked to a formatted tab), if I don't open the file first, the file will have outdated information. I have to open the file first for the linked calculations to work. We have 80+ templates that are refreshed with a workflow, which are then sent uploaded to shared drive for user input. At the end of the week, we consolidate all files. If the user doesn't open the file (allowing the calculations to update) when we then perform our consolidation, the data in the master template is read in for each of the un-opened files


Same problem here: