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Write out .fin and .tab files for adobe ftp upload


HI All,


I am attempting to write out .fin and .tab files for upload to an Adobe Analytics FTP. However, the output is not written out correctly and I don't know what the correct workaround would be. The manual workaround for this is copying a .csv file type  and renaming it to be .fin and .tab. Since this is a manual process, I would like to automate it with the output tool.


Here are the instructions as provided by adobe below that we have to use

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager



We have Adobe Analytics tools available on the Alteryx Public gallery!


The file types you are looking for are not supported by Alteryx


Hi @mkav9893 


Like @DanM said, Alteryx doesn't have any connectors for writing to the Adobe analytics cloud.  However, after looking at the docs it looks like the .tab files are just csv files formatted in specific way with a .tab extension.  The .fin files are empty files with the same name as the .tab with a .fin extension.  


You can use Alteryx to generate the .tab files according to the Adobe specifications with a specific file name, and then generate a blank  .fin file with the same name.  For the .tab file, specify an output type of .csv with \0 as the delimiter and build a file name with .tab as the extension.  From there you can upload the files manually, ensuring the .tab is uploaded before .fin.  Another option is using the Download tool to upload the files as soon as they're created.  See this post for an explanation of how to do this.  Use a Block Until Done tool to ensure that the .tab file is uploaded before the .fin 


The most complex part in this process is understanding the format of the .tab files.  Once you learn this, actually generating the files and uploading them should be straight forward





Thank you for the answer @danilang 


Do you happen to have a test workflow of the output using the \0 as the delimiter and writing out the .tab/.fin files ? I cant seem to quite get it right when deploying it on my own


A quick response to this - I chose to instead write out to .txt and .fin file types, and the uploads were successful. My suggestion is just to avoid the .tab file type!