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Write a specific value to a specific cell in a specific sheet in excel


Hi @Dynamomo


I attached a solution to this, but I warn you it's a bit hack-y. The trick I used was to create 3 named ranges in the Excel file: headerCell (G9), dataCell (G10), rangeCells (G9:G10). Then, I read in the headerCell and used Dynamic Rename to make it the field name. Then, I set the data to whatever I wanted, and output the dataset to rangeCells. This left G9 intact to whatever it was previously and updated only G10.


There's probably a cleaner solution out there, but hope this works for you.


Edit: Come to think of it, the dataCell named range isn't necessary

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @DaveF,

While I appreciate the workaround, it doesn't work well because the fieldname does not remain intact but is written to the sheet as a text value.  so even if you read the row above into a named range and it is a number, it gets written back as text.

Are there any other options?

My client has many cells in a spreadsheet he wants to update this way.


Make sure you checked "Skip Filed Names" on left configuration list.