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Write a Document to SharePoint Library Using the Render Tool

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I get questions all the time about Alteryx and SharePoint. I just learned this trick. You can use the Render Tool to write out to a SharePoint Document or Library app.

The trick is to convert your data to a Table in Alteryx using the Table Tool. I have this basic example below and I used the basic settings in the Table Tool when I added it to the workflow.


Next I added the Layout Tool and selected All Records Combined from the Layout Mode drop-down. I left all the other settings as the default.


Then I added the Render Tool with the following configuration;

Output Mode - Choose a Specific Out File

Output File - I put the SharePoint URL and the File name

Data Field - Layout

Separator - No Spacing Between Records

Paper Size - Custom Size

Size - I entered 5 x 7 based on my small data set. You may need to bump this up to 20 X 200 if you have a large data table.

Margins - No Margins




My final output appeared as below located in the SharePoint site;


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Thanks for the tip! 


I've been experimenting with the reporting tools but never tried writing them to SharePoint.


Do you know if this would work with the Visual Layout too? I'm using it more than the regular one.

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In the Render tool, what is the format of the URL and filename?  Do you put the URL and then a space and then the filename?  I'm not understanding that part.  Thanks.