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Wrap Text

5 - Atom

How can I get the header on a table to wrap text for consistency. I have a flow that spits out a PDF of table that includes "vs LY," "vs Plan," and "vs Fcst" (forecast). sometimes the vs Plan will wrap and stack the words, sometimes it doesn't. How can I make these always automatically stack to be...










17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @KevinAres 


There is a tricky way to do this by modifying the raw PCXML/Layout field text. In this solution, I rely on the pattern that any time there's a "vs " in a field, you'd like the "vs" to be on the first line and the rest to be on the second. In the attached workflow, I start with a Dynamic Rename tool with the following expression:


Replace([_CurrentField_],"vs ","vs<br />")


The PCXML/Layout format generally contains HTML formatting where "<br />" is the marker for a line break. The next step is to leave this marker in place while the Table tool is used as normal. The tricky part is that once the Table tool creates that Layout field, we edit the table field text with a Formula tool to replace that line break with a not XML-escaped version. This modified text is then formatted back into a Layout field using a Report Text tool in Expert mode (which allows us to inject this raw PCXML text).








Check out the attached workflow to see this in action.