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Workflow user id dependencies

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I have a workflow that I developed on my laptop machine (assigned to my user id).Now I want to share the workflow to the client , but he is unable to execute at his laptop machine , as the files (input and Output) , are pointing to my id for example :


On my machine  input data  file - C:\Users\prashant.jha\Desktop\EVAL \REPORT_FILE.xlsx


Help needed : Is there a way where the user id (prashant.jha) , can be searched and replaced with  clients id and he shall be able to execute the workflow.


PS : the folder structures are same , issue is manually changing id is very cumbersome process.


Urgently looking for a solution

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Alteryx Certified Partner



After opening the workflow, you are looking for "Relative" pathing.


OPTIONS :=> Advanced Options :=> Workflow Dependencies


Now you can select:  All Relative.


That should solve the problem for all inputs and outputs.  You can edit specific files otherwise easily from this screen.  Save and send the workflow to your client.




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In addition to @MarqueeCrew's response, you can also export the workflow and save as a package (Options > Export Workflow). A dialog box will appear notifying you of any external dependencies. If you select the checkboxes next to the files, it will automatically package the workflow and assets together and make all of the paths relative for you.



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Hi Mark,


Thanks for your inputs.


Still have a query :-


when you say , mark it as relative, how would this behave at clients end. does the end user need to manually assign files at his end or will it be taken care of by itself automatically if the same folder structure exists in the clients machine as well..?