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Workflow published to Alteryx Server is unable to read from DavWWWRoot SharePoint folder

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I have developed a workflow for a customer that creates paths for Sharepoint files and reads them into an Input tool using a macro.  The paths are structured as follows:




Everything works perfectly in Designer but when publishing to Server the workflow fails with the error 'Invalid Directory'.


Does anyone have any information on why this is happening, and how I might go about solving it?  If I manually copy the files into a different network folder then the error does not occur, but the customer needs this to be reading directly from Sharepoint.


I've experimented using the Sharepoint connectors but couldn't find a viable solution using these.


Any help greatly appreciated.



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When you publish to server and run the server copy from designer, can you confirm the paths are staying as UNC? Also, does the server have access to Sharepoint/same domain?  Does the run-as user account on the gallery settings have access to Sharepoint?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks @Inactive User


1) Paths are staying as UNC when opening the Server version (they start with \\)

2) Yes

3) We're not using the server run-as account so the workflow is being published with the user's credentials, and they definitely have the relevant access.  I've tested publishing with and without credentials and the same error occurs so I don't think credentials are the issue.


Here's the error message which occurs when publishing to Gallery:



And a screenshot of the part of the workflow which is failing.  Tool 4 is the Directory tool.  The error flags are just because I'm currently not on the right network - it runs perfectly locally in Designer.





I am having a similar issue only when I can the directory tool to UNC it does not pull any data. If I do not set the tool to UNC then data will present in the workflow but will not let me save to the server. Has there been any resolution around this? I searched multiple threads but have not found anything to help.