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Workflow not picking the latest file from shared location


I have a workflow which picks input from shared location(input is a xlsx file)


While uploading to the gallery, I need to check in 'Manage workflow assests' for the publish to tableau macro and the file in the external location.(if I do not check then it throws error while uploading to server)


First time the workflow runs fine.


But, when I update the data in the file in shared location, then the workflow does not pick the updated data(rather the data which it has already placed the first time in externals folder)


any suggestions on how to run the workflow with updated data.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Begnuser123,


If you are expecting to update the input and output file, you wouldn't want to check them in 'Manage workflow assets'.


If you are getting an error, maybe you need to make an edit in Workflow Dependencies.


Go to Options > Advanced Options > Workflow Dependencies




Then, click on All UNC. This will convert the file path reference to its actual network location so that the server knows where to look for the file.




Let me know how it goes.




Hi @JoshuaGostick , I tied as you suggested by clicking on UNC. It seems to un-select by itself the manage assets options. 


But after I upload to the server and run it, it thorws error for the following


- cannot find the macro ' publish to tableau'

- cannot find the external file ' file.xlsx' 



It does not seem to find the macro and the file while selecting the UNC option. 


Hi @JoshuaGostick ,


I seemed to find the solution. The tableau publish to server, was the one giving the error. I reconnected using the required tool version and gave the unc path. The workflow now updates from the shared location.


Thank you for your help!

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Begnuser123,


I'm glad that you found the solution. Now, I've learned something else that I should keep an eye out on too!