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Workflow events: Send email to multiple recipients




Is it possible to add multiple email addresses within the "To" field? If so, what is the delimiter?


I have tried colon, semi-colon, comma, space and none w


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hey @mb1824 


I use semi-colon with no spaces between names




Seems my problem is actually that Alteryx doesn't like my gmail address


I have my work email as the from address and I can send emails to myself, but I can't send anything to my personal gmail


You have probably done this but have you checked your spam/junk mail folder.

Gmail sometimes has an issue with services like this and believes it to be a spam message from a mass emailer and so it will automatically filter items like this into spam/junk.


I get the below error in Alteryx


I have tried my address & my wife's gmail address. All three produce the same error


I can send emails from my Work Outlook to my personal accounts so it is not an issue with my work email server blocking the email

Alteryx events Gmail2.jpg




Even I am facing the same issue, when I try to keep two email ids in 'To:'.

Please tell me if there is any delimiter we can keep. I have tried keeping semicolon; comma, and space but nothing worked.


Have you tried the email IDs individually in the 'To' field


You may find like me, the issue is that Alteryx doesn't like the email address rather than a problem with the delimiter


Yes. Individually the mail is getting delivered when i keep only one email id in "To:".


But when i try to keep two email ids with a semi colon or comma in between its showing an error.


Sorry I can't help. A semi-colon with no space worked for me


I use the semi-colon no space. Make sure there is no extra space at the end of the final email address in the list.