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Workflow constants

Hi, hoping someone can advise. It looks like the only way to create a workflow constant is done via the workflow configuration window? I was hoping you could also define a constant somehow via a data input. For example, say I have an excel file of all variables and variable values that I want to input into alteryx then set as workflow constants. I’m surprised that alteryx wouldn’t provide this type of functionality.

Hi @RevlinAbbi 


The way you would achieve this is by appending the variables/constants you would like to use as constants to the data in your workflow. These can then be used within formulae or in your logic as constants from the same source.


Hope this helps.



This means the value of the variable is repeated in every single row of the data and if this constant is required to be used in multiple places then it’s likely that these values will need to be stored in multiple tables too. This is a workaround, sure, but I’m surprised that this is the only way.