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Workflow configuration event


I want to create a workflow configuration event to get an email while work flow fails .I am using a regular workflow 

I tried with this SMTP: that doesn't work

Let me know If  is  there is any other option to   get an email while work flow fails.Error.png




Is this a valid smtp? Does it work on port 25? Does it require a user name and password to authenticate? You may want to check with your IT as having a valid smtp server which doesn't require authentication or an email relay server would be the only way to trigger an event which sends you an email if a workflow fails.


As @MichalM  mentioned, check that you have a valid SMTP relay address. Alternatively, you can use your relay's IP Address if that is easier to remember. Check with your IT to get the correct relay / IP address.


Yes.It's a valid SMTP


In which case could it be that's it's using a different port? You can specify a different port by adding colon and a port number at the end of the URL.