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Workflow Scheduler Desktop - API Issue

Alteryx Partner

Hi All,


One of my API workflows runs fine from my personal machine.When I schedule it to run in an automated way it fails throwing this error.


error - Error transferring data : Failure when receiving data from the peer


I initially thought  that the Virtual machine where scheduler is used may not have internet connection or something is getting blocked.But that is not the case as I can run the workflow successfully from the scheduler machine manually.It seems the issue is related to the run command but not sure about it.


Let me know if anyone has faced this issue and if there is any resolution to the problem.





@rahulshetty925 Some thing to keep in mind with scheduling workflows is that they don't run in the same manner as running the workflow manually. All scheduled workflows are executed by the service in session 0. This session is non-interactive and as such anything that requires user input, or renders a dialog to the screen will fail as a result. This also causes some issues with permissions related to network resources if precautions aren't taken. By default scheduler runs everything using the service account. Without modification this is the computers Local System account and as such it will not have access to any network resources or database. To work around this you should setup a Run As user account, or use the Gallery scheduler with a specific workflow credential. This will run the workflow as the defined user instead and allow the workflow to access any resources that account has access to. A final thing to remember is scheduled jobs should use the full UNC path for any network resources. This is because mapped drives available to user accounts are not available in session 0. 


For more information on the Run As user and workflow credentials please see the following article: