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Workflow Reporting Format - Multiple PDFs columns to rows


Hi and thanks in advance for helping me.  I apologize if my question has been answered a thousand times--I'm new to Alteryx and having a hard time searching for the right terms/scenarios.

I have a table like the one below from which I need separate reports for each name (names can be repeated) listing each feedback and the details of such given by peers.  


Recipient NameEmployee IDProviderNotes Creation DateManagerFeedback ContentVisibility
Amanda12340Paul1/1/2019PeteAmanda does graet workBoth
Frank12341John1/2/2019ConnorFrank sucksBoth
Frank12341Mark1/3/2019ConnorFrank's not THAT badManager
Martin12342George1/1/2019BobMartin has a weird nameRecipient
Martin12342Kate1/2/2019BobWho names their kid Martin?!Both
Stacy12343Ringo1/1/2019TerryStacy acts exactly how you would expect someone named Stacy to actBoth


The report I need to generate looks like the first one below, but all I can get my attached workflow to generate is the png on the right.  Frank.PNGFeedback - Frank.pngAny ideas how I can get the columns to list in rows as in the example document?






Greetings Pattiohughes,


Check out what I put together for you. It's a relatively simple workflow but the key is that you don't want to use a table tool. Rather using the Text Tools allows you to put together the data in the format you requested while giving you formatting abilities in terms of bolding, size etc.


Hope this helps

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @pattiohughes 


I did a scratch close to what you need.

Check it out. WF attached.




Hi Patrick,


How about something like the attached? Leverage the Tile_Num as your Field to Group On in the Render Tool and leverage this workflow in conjunction with the reporting that you've already set up.






This is awesome, thank you!


This is also great--a little more than I can wrap my head around currently but looks dynamic enough to be very useful when I need to expand this to more complicated tasks.  Thank you.


Sorry, thought replies would be to each post.  My replies are in order. The third one looks cool too, but may be a bit above my level right now as well.  I'll chew on it for a bit and try to understand it.


Thanks for all your inputs--they're a huge help for this and for getting the basics down so I can figure this stuff out next time.


Appreciate it,



@paulteryx What is the container doing exactly and why isn't the main workflow line you made inside it?


@pattiohughes the Tool container is simply placeholding your original workflow and is separate from what i did. As for grouping this out to produce a single PDF per page, you will want to go to the Join tool and make sure the field Recipient name is selected. Now in the layout tool change your Layout Mode to "Each Group of Records and check "Recipient Name" to "GroupBy". Instead of a Browse tool at the very end you should use a Render. Here you will select a specific location under "Output Mode" to save your output as a PDF and once you have that location populated, check "Group Dadta in to Separate Reports, and group by your receipient name. This will output a single PDF page named with that person's name for each person.




I ended up using your solution and got it to do exactly what I needed, so thank you.  However, now there's another condition I want to add and I'm not sure how to even approach it.  In the bottom Report Text (68), we have: 


Feedback provider: [Provider:A]

Feedback Date: [Notes Creation Date:A]

Visibility: [Visibility:A]

[Feedback Content:A]


I don't want a page break below feedback content, but I do want a conditional page break if the first row of the feedback content has run over to the next page when its corresponding "feedback provider" is on the prior page.  For example, if an employee has 3 feedbacks and the first one is so long that it lists the provider and date of the second, but visibility and content run onto the 2nd page, I want a page break before provider and date so that the first three fields are on the same page as the fourth, feedback content.  I also want the 3rd feedback content on this page too if it fits following the same rule. 


Is this possible and how could I approach this?


Thanks again,