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Workflow Event Email - want to attach the Results file


I am using the Workflow Event to send an Email - After Run - and I would like to attach the Results details as an attached file - how do I do that?


Do I need to 'make' the workflow output the Results to a file - how?

Or is this already part of the Event Email by default?

Or do are the Results always written to a file and I just need to know where it is?



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @brendafos ,


Is there any reason you're using the event to send the email? You can simply put the results into a table, for example, then use the email tool to send the email (be sure to download @DavidM 's macro that uses authentication if you're using 365 or suchlike.)

If you have a reason to use the events, then yes, output the data in the format you want, such as a .csv,  to the desired location, then use the event. In the event setup window, click "Add":

email event.PNG

Here, click the plus sign and browse to where you saved the attachment. 

This will work providing you have set the event to trigger AFTER the workflow has completed, as this will include the output of that file.


Hope this helps.




Alteryx Partner

@mceleavey My question is more about the metadata itself that is in the email tool. Is there a way to spit THAT out to a file? Y'know, the %outputLog% and %NumErrors% fields...