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Workflow Can't Read Files from Shared Network Drive/Alteryx not connecting to shared drive


I'm getting an error message when I try to open up an Alteryx Workflow from a shared drive that indicates that "the file in the path routed (W:\TS TA Valuation File\C-2\...) does not exist. As anyone gotten this issue before? I can open the same file on my desktop, just not on the shared drive. And when I copy the file back to the shared drive other users can open it, but not me. Any suggestions?

The drive might not be mapped correctly. With input files on a network drive it’s always best to use UNC paths which will start with two slashes like \\.

Talk to your IT help if you don’t know the unc path.

We are having the same issue -- when we get a new machine, Alteryx 2019.1 will open workflows from a mapped drive (NOT inputs or write to outputs as we solve that with Options-> Advanced Options-> Workflow Dependencies-> All UNC), but throws the error " The path context "<mapped drive\workflow file name" is not a valid file or directory." The workaround is to either Save As with theUNC path\filename or open up by typing in the UNC path\filename. Extremely unwieldy and tedious workaround, but the question is why? Others in our workgroup are on the same Alteryx version but don't have the same problem.