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Workaround for PythonTool's ModuleNotFoundError: No module named "xxxxx" issue

6 - Meteoroid



While using the Python Tool, sometimes designer throws an error when we try to install or import a specific Python package in Alteryx Designer


error message - " ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'XXXXX'.


Often this occurs on a local machine where Alteryx Designer is installed in the Windows programs folder like "C:\Program Files" due to Admin rights privilege. 


@Jonathan_ in one of his posts mentioned below 2 options as an alternative:



Option 1:

Run Alteryx Designer in elevated mode / as an admin

then from Python tool:




from ayx import Alteryx




Option 2:


  1. Open Command Prompt as administrator (not necessary for Alteryx Designer non-admin)
  2. Enter the following:

For Designer admin:




cd "%PROGRAMFILES%\Alteryx\bin\Miniconda3\PythonTool_venv\Scripts"
pip install PyPDF2







Below is another option that worked for me, with non-admin privilege.


Option 3:


  1. Install python package in a separate lib directory, other than the default Alteryx Designer's python virtual environment ( 

    from ayx import Alteryx
    import sys
    print(sys.executable )

  2. load the installed packages from the new Lib directory
  3. insert the below code snippet with your required package name in a new cell and run it



from ayx import Package
from ayx import Alteryx

install_type="install --target=C:\\workspace\\Alteryx\\python\\myPythonLibs")

import sys

import logger"Logger imported successfully")




Note: install all the required dependencies 


Hope this is useful





Thanks for providing another workaround! I really like the following articles as well:


As always we have the best community.  




James Dolan-Hall | Customer Support Engineer |