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Work flow Help to find key phrases in customer responses

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I am trying to create a workflow through large sets of customer responses looking for product conditions which created the complaint or tech inquiry. I need to be able to account for misspelling and varied terms used by both customers and technicians.  I am new to alteryx and not sure how to start building this work flow.  Where/how should I start?

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There is no simple answer here. And it's very dependent on the data source/fields that you have.


Assuming you have verbatim text, I would look to parse each word out of the text, cleanse it and then try to match it to a dictionary of accepted terms. Once matched (you can use the find/replace tool) you can then put the words on one line again. Neat trick here is to use "Concatenate" in a group by - example below.


Also attaching a solution example for you.





Concatenate example.jpg