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Why is the post create sql run every time the workflow runs?


Does anybody know why the post create SQL is executed every time the workflow runs?

I would have expected that it will be run only once - after creating the table. But not when updating.

There is no need to alter columns every time and creating primary keys at every run of the workflow -> this leads to Errors (creating Primary keys, etc)


Thank you for your help!


If I'm understanding your question correctly... that's how the tool is designed to work.  it executes what you have in it.  So, once you've created your table, wipe the statement you don't need.  Or, build a macro for it.

There were a large number of users at our organization that had a need for this, so we built an Output macro that is used to dynamically design Teradata tables.  It automates the create and set index statements and then removes that when not needed.