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Why is my Cass output in Demo Mode?



I've been using CASS regularly for over a year. Normally, every couple of months, we get a notification that a new data set is available and we update the files and it runs fine.

Today for the first time, I'm getting an error in the results under CASS_ErrorString: "Demo Mode Only".

The only thing I can find on this in the Community is here: where it only explains the code (only Nevada addresses are handled in Demo mode).


Does anybody know what happened?




Hi @asteryx


We are aware of the issue and actively working to resolve it. We will have a fixed version of CASS pushed to the downloads page today.



Alteryx Partner

We are also having the same issue! When do you expect the new download to be up? This is pretty urgent!





@TravisR please let us know when a fix is available. This is a critical process for us as well.


Hi @kaylakurtzpd and @patrick_digan


We understand it's an urgent problem and are working to get this fix pushed out quickly. We plan to have it available for download in 4 hours. For more immediate support regarding this, please contact our support team -


I will respond to this thread as soon as we have the fixed CASS installers pushed to our download portals.




Is there a way to configure Alteryx/CASS so that workflows fail when the CASS data/license isn't operating as expecting? The fallback to "demo" mode isn't a good solution from my perspective. It makes it too easy to overlook the issue and much later realize one has serious data problems. If actual CASS can't be applied successfully, I'd prefer the workflow to error and stop processing.



Alteryx Partner

I have not seen any updates to this message.  Has there been a fix created yet?  Our clients are waiting so please provide an update ASAP.




Hello everyone,


Our apologies for the late update on the situation, the Data team has been working diligently to correct the issue and complete the update of the CASS data package for an updated release. This is in progress and we will provide an update as soon as the release is posted.


Edit: The updated release information has been posted here.


Thank you!

Mike Spoula
Solutions Architect - Services


Any Updates? I'm on 2018.1 now, if I upgrade to 2018.2, will CASS work? I need to get some stuff done before INSPIRE!!!!!



Following. Hoping for a fix soon!