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Why does my Unique Tool get reset/blanked out? I have to re-run my workflow to even use it

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Hi everyone,


For some reason in one of my containers, I have 2 Unique tools. Both for some reason get reset when I open the workflow up or haven't touched it in a while on my screen and essentially forces me to re-run the workflow to get a view of what fields I can do a Unique on. I get an error when running the workflow saying 'At Least One Unique Field Must be Selected' and then when clicking into the tool I get a blank screen with no fields to pick from until I re-run the workflow for it to pickup the fields right before that tool. What is the reason for this? Any way around it? Big time sucker to have to re-run the workflow so much just to re-select my necessary fields and again re-run the workflow.

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Hi @hydrogurl01 


This one is a strange issue. I think you should drop a mail to support team they might be able to help you.


And once its resolved please do let us know how it got resolved so that its helpful for others.

15 - Aurora

Just maybe, can you check if you have checked the auto configure?



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That was it! I don't even recall checking that button - thank you! Is there a performance/optimization trade off by checking/unchecking that?

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Thats amazing @Qiu 🙂


Learnt something new 😀

15 - Aurora

Normally, I dont think we can even notice the trade off, unless you have a really huge one.
Thanks for the mark.

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Hi, @hydrogurl01 


In addition to @Qiu fantastic insight, have you considered using the Sample Tool instead of the Unique Tool?

IMHO, the Sample Tool might be more performant + might not present the inconvenience you've mentioned.

I hope it works out. Cheers!