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Why does Cross-Tabbing not rename columns correctly?

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Whenever I use cross tab, no matter what field I select for the "Change column headers" option, the name of the new columns isn't exactly the same as the value that was inside those cells.


All spaces, dots, hyphens and basically every symbol are replaced by underscores in the new columns created. This shouldn't happen, but anyway, I say let's just use a dynamic rename and fix them. But then again, you can't fix them with the dynamic rename tool either, because the underscores were sometimes dots, sometimes spaces, sometimes another symbol, so there's no regex rule you can use to differentiate. So I have to use a formula and replace spaces with a placeholder character and dots with a different placeholder character before the crosstab just so I can use a dynamic rename and fix the column names after the cross tab because cross tab isn't renaming columns correctly and replaces characters with underscores? This seems backwards. I have like 100+ different values that are being cross tabbed into columns and I need the name translation to be exact in order to be able to integrate this with my other workflows.




Attached a workflow that does that.


It uses a summarize tool to get the list of columns within the data and assign an Identifier to each, and that's what it uses as the labelling for the Cross-Tab tool. Finally a Dynamic rename changes the labels for each header to the correct one


I have attached the workflow as well.


Hope this helps,