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Where are the Align and Distribute options?



Sorry for this silly question, but I've been searching for a while without finding the solution.


When I select tools on the canvas and click right, the Align and Distribute functions do not show.  


I also tried the shortcut Ctrl&Shift&- but it has no effect. 


the version I'm using: 2018.4.3.54


thank you for your help







Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @msantoso


Have you selected the tools simultaneously? 


Could you please share a printscreen of how it looks?




Hi @msantoso!


You can select multiple tools by either drawing a highlight box around them or holding CTRL while left clicking on each individual tool. Make sure to select at least two tools. You can see which tools are selected because they will have a dotted blue border to indicate that they are selected. Right click on one of the selected tools (not the canvas). Then choose one of the 4 align or distribute options (in yellow below).






Please let us know if that works for you.







thank you very much for your help. I finally managed to see these functions in the menu. The workflows come out clearer to read!

again thanks


Hi Thableaus,

thanks for your help. I finally managed to see the functions in the drop down menu.