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What is your process or best practices for QA / Code Review of workflows ?


Hi All,


I am looking to drive more process and improve quality  assurance through code reviews, and want to gain insight on how other teams utilize alteryx.

  • How does your team interface in checking each others work, both within the workflow and the output?
  • Does your team follow a standard process, or are does your work go unchecked? 
  • Do you or your team use any external tools in combination with alteryx to verify that the output of your work is accurate?
  • Are there any other best practices that your team follows in validating your work that has been completed with alteryx?

I welcome any insight on how you validate your workflow / logic / output 


It saddens me that you have no responses.  I'm looking for similar insight on how to best perform a peer review.  What have you done since your post to ensure the most efficient/accurate workflow?


We initiated code reviews where we had the developer walk through the workflow piece by piece with the team suggesting points for improvement. Then next week, after the re-development was done, we posted the workflows / macros to the gallery.


We have also leaned heavily on the test tool - if a parameter is met then the workflow fails. 


However, I think that many of the questions are still valid, I would really like to enhance the data governance of our alteryx usage. I've been toying with the idea of a macro that has end-user input to select fields they want to check for error, but that is on the back burner for now. I'd welcome any further inputs to my questions though!