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What is the most number of tools you have ever put onto a workflow?


I've got one that has 570 tools on it currently.  And it works.  But every time I have to troubleshoot why data configuration 39932 failed to result in X, but instead Y, it becomes increasingly difficult.  Also, the canvas can take a while to respond to movement events.  


So gurus, what's your 'it was so easy to keep building that I just kept firing and then this happened' story?



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I didn't build this one, but the largest app I found around here has 3,064 tools (33 are macros). Workflows this large are notoriously difficult to work with like you mentioned and certainly could be designed more efficiently. 


Situations like this are why I consider the Tool Container to be my favorite tool. 


LOL.  I've got waaaaay further to fall before rock bottom.  feelsgoodman.jpg


Thanks for the response.