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What exactly is an app?


So this is a newbie question.  In all of my Alteryx experience, an app is created when I do something like add a File Browse tool.  Some type of tool that requires human interaction.  Is it possible to change a workflow into an app without it having any type of prompts?  What I mean is, can you create an app that, when double clicking it, executes the workflow within - the inputs and outputs already been hard coded to specific locations on the network?  Thanks :) 



In the Workflow Configuration screen, on the Workflow tab, there is an option to specify the Type.  You can change any standard workflow to an Analytic App, which, when saved, will open the App screen.  It won't automatically kick off the process just by double clicking, but it will say "this analytic app requires no configuration", and the user just needs to click "Finish" for the app to run.

Hope this helps!


Thank you :)