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What are standard outputs for while executing a WF via SupportingExes\AlteryxRunner.exe?


Hello @AdamR!! Hope you are doing good. 


After using your CrewMacros pack and trying to understand how you built it, am trying to understand how warnings and filed conversion errors are handled by the macros. 


1. Is the the below the only set of standard records returned as part of AlteryxRunner.exe? - Having the last piped record informing the number of errors which is used later to decide if the module is successful or not. 




Question: my WFs will always return filed conversion errors which I don't require to attend to, I just get the below output with just 5 records and the 8th record holding the error information as above doesn't show up. And am not able to proceed further using such WFs in the conditional list runner to make decision based running . what's your take on this? 




While Adam may be able to provide an answer with regards to the exe, I'll pipe in to ask if you can modify the workflow to remove the field conversion errors?


Could you use the multi-field formula to covert the types instead and remove any of the conversion warnings?


Edit - to add I think @MarqueeCrew recently took on the ownership of the Crew Macros (I think)


@JoeS - Sure am currently doing it for few of it, but I have a heap of WFs that me and my team has built and doing what its supposed to do for months now. not every WF can be error or warning free as there are bigger ones where we reuse every month to overhaul based on client needs so will leave some containers with logics as it is  to fail, rather than building newer version every time.  it would grateful to know if this can be handled with any workarounds so would be saving lot of hours overhauling and restructuring the WF order of executions. 


But, going forward will try to ensure all WFs pass the Filed conversion or remove them if unnecessary. 




Ah, yeah, I can see why you might want to go through all of them to remove it.


I do agree with trying to build error/warning free workflows for production though, its a good practice to get in. Especially if you collaborate on workflows, as it can save your colleague looking into "fake" errors :)


@MarqueeCrew and @AdamR I'm looking for some thought from you guys on this, as most of the project works relies on this idea of channeling Workflows based on results from previous pipelines. 


Very much looking forward! 





I'm going to guess that error message about field conversion errors contains a non Latin1 character. Unfortunately the runner executable has a defect that means it stops writing the log when it hits a non Latin1 character. Which is why as you have discovered you are missing the final line of the log and the macro fails.


Afraid the only workaround I have right now is to change your workflows so they don't emit non Latin1 characters in the log.

Adam Riley
Principal Software Engineer
Tech Lead Core Engines, Alteryx

Thanks @AdamR. Shall start fixing the workflows in order to use the module. 


@AdamR one more question to understand how the Run command works here. I understand when I use Run Command tool for any py scripts it inturn kicks the IDE and executes the commands when passed as arguments.


Am seeking your help to understand how the .exe file that sits outside the set up folders ( your macros set up folder and not in alteryx\bin) kicks the alteryx program internally without showing the GUI but executes the WFs in silent mode? In another post I read its completely independent from alteryx GUI, am trying to understand how this works. To be precise how the Run command passes the arguments to the cmd from alteryx? the XML didnt help me to understand it clearly.Are there any additional keywords build in exe to be used ?


Why i ask this?

Because at times my complex WF modules depends on some files from pre processes that are put together in list runner that runs for quite few hours. At times it becomes messy when I try to kill the List runner groups while at the background these don't kill and keeps executing. Am trying to capture how the Run command process you below arguments so that I'm in a look out to catch the process ID and kill it manually. This will save more time of running my WFs one ater another based on conditions built to orchestrate them.