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Weird Error with Cache Dataset v2

7 - Meteor

Hello! I opened a workflow my coworker sent me earlier today that had the Cache Dataset v2 Macro in it and now I keep getting the error below when I try to use the macro in any workflow. I've closed Alteryx, uninstalled the macro, reinstalled it, and started a fresh workflow and I'm still getting this error. It looks like the macro is somehow remembering what directory my coworker was storing his cache file in. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Screenshots of the error and the tool's settings below.





16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

@AW25 Try navigating to %LOCALAPPDATA%/Alteryx and see if there is a cacheDatasetFolders.ini file. It looks like the macro is opening up that file and trying to navigate to all of the paths in the ini in order to clean up old files. You could modify the ini using notepad to delete any paths you don't want (ie that path that is creating an error for you). A more drastic approach would be to delete this ini file altogether, with the obvious downside that some old cache dataset files would never get deleted like the macro intends. 


If this doesn't work, I'm including @MacRo as he created this macro and may be able to assist you better.


EDIT: I corrected it above to %LOCALAPPDATA%